Adrianne Largo

Adrianne Largo is the Head of Marketing for Montana’s Bar and Grill, a restaurant brand under Recipe Unlimited (previously known as Cara Foods).  Prior to this role, she worked at Carl’s Jr, a global California burger chain as their Sr. Country Director, Canada; Yum! Brands as Senior Country Director for Taco Bell Canada, Director of Development and Senior Business Manager; Coca-Cola Company Ltd. as the Senior Brand Strategy Manager, Coke Brands; Cara Operations Inc. as the Director of Marketing, Swiss Chalet; Kraft Canada Inc. as the Senior Product Manager of Adult and Health + Wellness Cookies and Product Manager of Cool Whip and All Other Desserts.

Adrianne has professional expertise in the area of general and brand management, developing strategic plans for Tier 1 brands like Coca-Cola, Jell-O, Swiss Chalet and KFC. She also has a passion for volunteering, devoting her time to organizations, like: Junior Achievement and Big Brothers Big Sisters. Adrianne has a Bachelor of Business Administration (Marketing Major) from the Schulich School of Business, York University.  Adrianne serves as the Vice Chair for VHA Board of Director and a member of VHA Governance Committee.