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Equipment Funding Information


Equipment Funding Resources

In Ontario, many palliative care services are covered through the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) and begun by a referral from your doctor for palliative care. If referred for home care services, a Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) Care Co-ordinator will determine services you or a loved one are eligible for. While some of these may be covered by OHIP, you may find there are gaps or a need for greater financial and care resources. Below are some additional options to consider.


Government Funded Services

Assistive Devices Program (ADP)

ADP provides consumer centered support and funding to Ontario residents who have long- term physical disabilities. Devices covered by the program are intended to help people with physical disabilities to increase their independence through the use of equipment that meets their needs.

Residential Rehabilitation Assistance Program for Persons with Disabilities (RRAP — Disabilities):

Funding for home renovations may be available for persons with disabilities if certain criteria are met.

What it does:
Helps people with a disability in financial need.

Main Contact:
Toronto Special Needs Unit
Fax: 416-392-3661
Tel: 416-392-8955


Ontario resident, 18 years or older, in financial need and meets the program’s definition of a person with a disability (or be a member of “prescribed class”)
*See website for details on “prescribed class”
*Note: The application process varies slightly by region. New service providers may want to check with their respective clinical regarding the correct process for their region.

Summary of Application Process

Toronto Residents:

  • Trial equipment
  • (a)Assist patient to call his/her ODSP worker to request that an MSN Form (Mandatory Special Necessities Benefit Request Form) is mailed to his/her residence.
  •  Obtain quote from vendor for the trialed equipment.
  • Instruct patient to take the quote + MSN form to his/her doctor to have the MSN form signed.
    *Note: Doctor needs to fill out the section “Other” with the specified medical equipment under the subtitle “Surgical Supplies and Dressings”
  •  Mail the letter and MSN form to ODSP.
  • Instruct patient and/or vendor to notify therapist once funding approved and equipment installed. Therapist to verify equipment / suitability.

York Region Residents:
1) Trial Equipment
2) Mail/fax an OT letter of support to ODSP along with a vendor quote.

Mississauga, Halton and Peel:
1) Trial Equipment
2) Mail/fax an OT letter of support along with a vendor quote.
3) Discretionary Benefit Form

What it does:

*Helps people in financial need
Main Contact: 416.325.5666


Ontario resident, in financial need (i.e. household does not have sufficient resources to meet basic living expenses), a willingness to make reasonable efforts to obtain a job (unless specific circumstances temporarily prevent his/her from doing so, such as an illness or caregiving responsibility).

Summary of Application Process

  • Trial equipment
    *note: bathroom equipment must go through Motion Specialties
  • Obtain verbal approval from caseworker for equipment.
  • Fax letter and quote to client’s caseworker.
  • Once approval received, then schedule follow-up visit to ensure appropriate equipment delivered and meeting client’s needs.

What it does

Provides funding to eligible Veterans for equipment.


Definition of a Veteran: Any former member of the Canadian Armed Forces who is released with an honorable discharge and who successfully underwent basic training.
*Note: When people think of Veterans, many immediately picture someone who served in the First World War, Second World War, and the Korean War. While many Canadians recognize these traditional Veterans, the same may not always be true for Canadian Armed Forces (CAF)

Summary of Application Process

1) Telephone VAC  to determine eligibility for benefits: 1-866-522-2122.
*Note: Having a VAC card does not determine eligibility, as some Veterans may be eligible for benefits but have not previously accessed VAC.
*Note: If client has a VAC card and is eligible for home safety equipment, then proceed with the following steps:
a) Trial equipment through vendor of client’s choice
*Note: Provide card# to vendor and vendor will submit quote to VAC
b) Write letter of support to VAC to explain rationale for equipment.

Family Caregiver Leave (Employment Standards Act)
Family caregiver leave is unpaid, job protected leave up to 8 weeks per calendar year per specified family member.

Employment Family Caregiver Tax Credit (Canada Revenue Agency)
You may be eligible for the Family Caregiver Tax Credit if you live with a dependent with physical or mental impairments.

Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP)
The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care pays for a wide range of health services. To be eligible, residents of Ontario must have a valid health card. This website has detailed information and fact sheets about the services covered by OHIP and those that are not.

Additional Funding Agencies for Clients 18 years and older

What it does:

Provide emotional and financial support to individuals and families living with Alzheimer’s disease.

Main Contact (Toronto Chapter):
First Link Coordinator
Main Contact (Ontario):
Tel: 416-967-5900


Eligibility: Individuals with dementia and their families
*First Link is a partnership program with health care professionals and the Alzheimer Society of Toronto to ensure that individuals and families dealing with dementia receive the support and information they need throughout the course of the disease.

Eligibility for Alzheimer’s Society Toronto:
1.For those living with the TC LHIN within the ‘M’ postal code either the caregiver or care-recipient must be over age 55. There needs to be a diagnosis dementia.
2. For those living outside the TC LHIN boundaries within the ‘M’ postal code: No age restriction. There must be a diagnosis of dementia.
Note: Each township of Ontario has a separate First Link online application: check for the appropriate township to complete the correct First Link application.

Summary of Application Process

1) Complete online application for First Link (for Toronto residents).
*Note: To apply for funding, the health care professional referring the caregiver needs to check off the “Caregiver Project” box.
Funding can be available for PSW hours, incontinence products, ADP use, transportation use, medication and assistive devices.
*Note: AST takes approximately 90 days to process and application.

Funding Agency & Main Contact

Main Contact:
Sanjay Moonsammy
Phone: 416-967-3033 ext.3033
Fax: 416-916-3124


Diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis from family doctor or neurologist

Summary of Application Process

1.Items listed in the Quality of Life Grant Guidelines:
*Note: Quality of Life Grants application
2. Quotes from two vendors needed, (including delivery and installation). If ADP has been accessed, one quote sufficient.

Funding Agency & Main Contact

Karen Dunbar
Services Specialist 1-866-687-2538 ext 1121


Diagnosis of a neuromuscular disorder under the muscular dystrophy umbrella.  Canadian citizen, landed immigrant or refugee resident in Canada.

Summary of Application Process

1)Register with the MD Canada.

*registration form must be signed by a physician.

2) Complete the application form

*Note: see list of assistive devices that are eligible for MD Canada Funding.

3) Obtain quote from two different equipment vendors.

4) Signed equipment prescription from therapist.


– MD Canada maximum contribution per item: $2640
– Client minimum contribution: $200
– Equipment costing less than $200 is not eligible

WarAmps: Aims to support to all amputees in Canada (including war veterans, as well as non-veteran adults and children). WarAmps provides financial assistance towards the cost of an artificial limb and access to information about life as an amputee. See website for resources:

Used Equipment and Supply Donations