Welcome Kathryn Nichol, VHA’s New Vice-President, BPRE & CNE

I am very pleased to announce that Kathryn Nichol will be joining VHA as Vice President, Best Practices, Research and Education (BPRE) & Chief Nursing Executive. Kathryn will assume the role from Bea Mudge whose upcoming retirement was announced earlier this year.

Kathryn brings to her new position a wealth of knowledge and experience across the acute, long-term and community health care sectors. She is a Registered Nurse with a PhD from the Institute of Medical Science at the University of Toronto. For two decades she has worked to create environments that provide high-quality and safe care for patients, families and caregivers in such leading organizations as Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, the Public Services Health & Safety Association, and St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto. Most recently, in a dual role as the Senior Director of Academic Affairs, Research and Innovation at University Health Network and the Senior Director, Practice-Based Research & Innovation at Sunnybrook, she leads initiatives to support and foster practice-oriented inquiry among the two hospitals’ nursing and allied health professionals. She is no stranger to building research and innovation capacity, and is a strong collaborator and champion of interprofessional care teams.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Bea Mudge once again for her leadership, knowledge, and contributions to our organization. As we wish her well in her next great adventure, we are fortunate to have Kathryn join VHA Home HealthCare to continue our commitment to advancing the research, practice and education of our health care providers. Kathryn will make the transition to VHA on a part time basis through the month of July, and will assume the role full time on August 2nd.


Carol Annett
CEO and President, VHA Home HealthCare