Out at Home: Optimizing quality of care for older LGBTQI2S persons

Brief Abstract:

Due to a history of discrimination, many older LGBTQ2IS adults avoid using formal home care services and instead turn to family and friends. Many LGBTQI2S seniors do not know how to access supportive home care services and are afraid of encountering discrimination and disrespect from home care providers. At the same time many home care providers may lack awareness of the unique needs of LGBTQ2IS persons and how to provide culturally affirming care to this population. Home care providers rarely receive any formal education or training regarding the health issues and needs of LGBTQ2IS persons, and most have limited access to on-the-job professional training in this regard. Despite this, there exists a wide body of academic research literature on the health issues and needs of LGBTQ2IS persons and how care providers can support them in an affirming and sensitive manner. This project will develop knowledge translation tools to bridge the gap between research and practice to enhance the capacity of home care providers to offer culturally affirming care to LGBTQI2S seniors using art-based knowledge translation tools.

Contact Information:

Alisa Grigorovich, PhD
Postdoctoral Fellow, Dalla Lana School of Public Health
University of Toronto


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