Caring For a Child

Caring and Sharing


That’s what we’re hoping this blog will be about. Caring for an ill or frail loved one isn’t an easy task. Even if it were your only job (and, let’s face it, for most people it’s not), it would be a challenge. But for most of us, we’re juggling a life and caregiving duties. A lot of the time it can be rewarding. But some of the time it’s thankless and some more of the time you’d rather be somewhere else.

At VHA, we hope this blog will give a voice to all those amazing caregivers out there–the ones that most of the time are too busy or too tired to read this. But if we can provide at least a little bit of comfort or lighten the work load of a busy caregiver, we’ll continue to post useful resources we come across or any insider tips we’ve pick up from decades of providing home care.

While caregiving is one of the most important jobs there is, it can also be a pretty lonely road to travel. And many of us are either there, have been there or will be there. So let’s help one another out. Please feel free to comment on any of our posts and offer any suggestions or insights into the topics discussed.


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