Safe Environment

Creating a Safe Environment Make your home a safer place for everyone, improve mobility and prevent falls by:
Installing equipment such as:
  • Support bars in the shower, beside the bed and near toilets
  • Raised toilet seats
  • Shower chairs
  • Anti-scald devices on faucets and shower heads
  • Non-slip/non-skid mats or adhesives
Removing loose mats and cords: rugs and loose telephone or electrical cords can cause falls. Secure cords to walls and replace loose mats with larger rugs that can be attached to the floor.
Turning up the lights: if poor eyesight is an issue, installing brighter lights can improve visibility and prevent accidents. Also think about installing light switches near doors of every room, at the top and bottom of stairs, and using a night light in the bathroom.
Installing smoke detectors and plug-in carbon monoxide detectors near kitchens and bedrooms.
Wearing emergency devices: alarm assistance devices worn around the neck can ensure help is on the way in the event of a fall, accident or other medical event.
Getting expert advice: work in partnership with a trained home-care professional provider (such as VHA) to ensure the safest environment possible.
Source: Caregiver Network