Show Us Your Pride Side Photo Contest!

Canada Day and Canada’s largest Pride Parade: Both fall on the same weekend and both are a great reflection of the incredible diversity and freedoms we’re lucky enough to have in Canada! So this year, we’re asking VHA staff and service providers to submit your “proudest pictures” –whether they’re from Canada Day celebrations or a Pride Day party.

The picture with the most votes will win a $100 gift card! Runners-up will each win a $50 gift card.

PLUS: every Entry Gets A Free Portable Phone Charger or selfie stick!

Send your photo by JULY 7th to OR

Post your selfie on FacebookTwitter, or Instagram using #VHAprideside


We enjoyed reading our entries from the poetry contest – and thought it would be best to share with all of you. After all sharing is caring!

I wake up early
Not like I used to
But early just the same
I know you are coming
I wander through the house
Peering into every room
I raised my family here
But now it is empty
I am not sad
There were happy times
I now have grandkid
But like the house I’m empty
Will I ever leave my house?
NEVER! I love this house
I am independent.
That’s where you come in.

I could not do this
If it were not for you
My gift from heaven
It’s why I call you Angel
How are you?
How do you feel?
What can I do for you?
Is there anything else before I go?
Just questions to most
But not to you
You mean every word
And everything to me
Personal Support Worker
True to every word
Always personal and very supporting
You work very hard
Again, I’ll call you Angel.

You’re my friend and my support
With all the love I have
I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

–by Estrella Rafael