Application Procedure for VHA Research Projects

Thank you for your interest in VHA Research. We are excited to partner with individuals and organizations that share our passion for home and community care. VHA requires that all research projects that we partner with have prior approval from Tri-Council recognized Research Ethics Board (REB).

First, you will need to obtain Tri-Council REB approval and then you will be eligible to supply your study documents to VHA for a strategic and operational review by our internal Research Committee.

The VHA research Committee will require:

  • A copy of the TRI council REB approval letter
  • VHA Administrative Details Form
  • Research abstract (250 words or less)
  • Research Questions and Objectives
  • Research methods
  • Subject recruitment plan
  • Informed consent documents
  • Information letter to potential participants

Please email a zip file of the above documents to the Chair of the Research Committee Dr. Sandra McKay.

The Research Committee will review your documents and use the following decision framework to guide their discussions:

  • Does the research align with VHA’s strategic priorities and research areas
  • Who is requesting the information and for what purpose (academic vs commercial)?
  • How resource intensive will it be to provide the information requested?
  • Are there any risks incurred by VHA as a result of participating in this research?
  • How will this research benefit VHA clinical practice or providers?

Once a decision has been rendered by the committee you will receive written notification.  Please note that additional approvals from other organizations such as the Local Health Integration Networks, Schools Boards, Workplace Safety Information Board, may also be necessary for the proposal to be accepted.

Interested partners are encouraged to email or call directly (, 416 489 2500 xt 2208) to discuss your research and its potential fit with VHA Home HealthCare.