VHA Home HealthCare is dedicated to supporting research and innovation that advances human welfare, new knowledge, understanding and best practices in the home and community. Our research focuses on key areas of community health care that create possibilities for more independence and support our clients to remain at home. We strive to break new ground in research and development of integrated solutions that reflect our client and caregiver voice while specializing in supporting children with complex medical needs, individuals with cognitive impairments with a keen focus on clinical and health services excellence.

Partnering with academics and the community in collaborative research ensures meaningful, systematic and innovative solutions to deliver the highest quality of care for our clients and their families. Our network of Senior Research Consultants, are integral members of the team, and provide valuable content, research expertise and knowledge sharing fundamental to our delivery of excellence in home care.

VHA’s Research Advisory Committee provides a forum to discuss and review all research from scientific and ethical perspectives, respecting the rights, dignity and autonomy of subjects. Research Committee members are from many disciplines and are committed to a research platform that maintains and promotes high ethical standards to assure the credibility and integrity of the research community.