How to Get Started With Muay Thai, According to Experts


The curved knee is another perfect technique to learn as a beginner. This knee strike is most effective in short range, such as in very close clinches. You can aim this shot at your opponent’s sides, such as their ribs, hips, and thighs. While this type of knee is unlikely to hurt your opponent as much as other knees, it can be very effective at wearing them down and taking a little out of their gas tank. Another advanced technique that you will encounter further down the Muay Thai road is the slapping push kick. Now, this variant of the push kick is also one that is difficult to master, and as such, you will rarely see it used by fighters.

The Muay Mat will almost always make their intentions known from the first bell, charging forward in order to get up close and personal with their opponents as soon as possible. The Muay Mat (aggressive puncher and low kicker) is one of the most beloved styles in the sport. One thing is for sure, these practitioners do not back down for anyone. In addition to being in fighting shape, you need to work very hard on your balance and footwork to ensure that you have the ability to move in and out of range, and escape your opponent’s attacks. As such, constant drills and sparring sessions will become the currency that buys you a rightful ticket inside the ropes come fight night.

Shorts and a T-shirt are fine, or you can put on a tank top, spats, or anything else you feel good in. As a beginner, focusing on your Muay Thai fundamentals will be required before you begin to develop your own style. However, once you have identified what particular style works for you, personally, you can try to emulate some of the greats on this list. There have been some exceptional Muay Khaos in the sport over the years. If you believe that this is the style for you, study the likes of Dieselnoi Chor Tanasukarn, Petchboonchu FA Group, and Sagetdao Petpayathai.

Today, Muay Thai is embraced by practitioners of all ages all over the world. Muay Thai techniques are simple and it is all about drilling; grinding the same techniques over and over again on a daily basis until they become second nature. Besides working on techniques, cardio and strength are important elements to become good in Muay Thai. This is why running and strength training exercises are also done everyday in a fighter training program. To fight these battles, the Siamese army was created, and young men were trained in hand-to-hand combat.

  • It is of vital importance to ensure that you are fit and in fighting shape if you want to have any chance of winning a fight.
  • The drawback with the lead leg teep is that generating significant power is difficult, as you will almost compromise weight in the strike for speed.
  • The key to landing this strike is in how fast you can land the strike without suffering any damage in the process.

There are a number of things that you will need to develop in order to perfect your clinch game. Below, we will cover how upper body strength, balance, posture technical awareness, and a number of other factors contribute to how efficiently a fighter can clinch up their opponents. When you are confident and are proficient with your Muay Thai fundamentals, you may feel ready to try this technique out in the gym. Using a heavy bag, you can test your form and put it into practice without running the risk of being hit back.

There are only four Muay Thai elbows recommended for beginners – horizontal/hook elbow (Sok Tad/Sok Tat), uppercut elbow (Sok Ngat), elbow chop (Sok Sub), and Muay Thai horizontal elbow (Sok Chiang). You don’t have to walk alone — join the team at The Charge for expert commentary on the latest workouts, life hacks, studies and equipment you need to know about. Erin Clayton, a member of Team USA’s Muay Thai program, says the sport has put her in the best shape of her life — physically and mentally. He booked a flight to Thailand to train at Kaewsamrit Gym, in Bangkok. Phokhun Ram Khamhaeng university is named after the writer of the first ancient text of Muay Thai.

Certainly one for the entertaining fighters, the jumping switch push kick can be an incredibly spectacular kick when the technique is nailed. This version of the push kick is arguably the most powerful, given the force that can be generated from the explosive momentum of the jump. It can be very effective, as the switch can throw an opponent off and create a clearer opening to the target.

As you might guess, a judge will score the cleanest, most technical, and most damaging strikes higher. The shots that have a bigger impact on your opponent – whether they knock them down, make them wince, or visibly affect their ability to fight – will count considerably when scoring a fight. Combinations and spectacular strikes will also get the attention of the judges. The fight is judged as a whole, rather than in 10 or 12 sequences.

The distinctive style that is is thought to have developed over centuries as the major tribes of that era (one of which was the Siamese) migrated through China, Vietnam, Laos, Burma and Cambodia. The Thai tribes moved south, fighting fiercely to survive as they encountered other tribes in what is now northern and central Thailand, and as far south as Malaysia. The World Thai Boxing Association (WTBA), the oldest and largest Muay Thai organization in the World, was founded in 1968 by Ajarn Surachai “Chai” Sirisute. We are indeed grateful to Ajarn Chai for his gift of the knowledge of Muay Thai. The WTBA has now expanded to establish affiliate organizations in countries around the world. Ajarn Chai continues to promote Muay Thai through his select personal seminar schedule, hand picked seminar team and yearly Instructor Development camps in the USA, UK and Australia.

Muay Thai history is also synonymous with the entire history of the Thai nation itself. With roots that stretch back through centuries of tradition and evolution. From its ancient beginnings on the battlefield to its modern stature as a global phenomenon.

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Krus are respected and always trusted for doing what is best for a fighter. Be it that push during training or the advice given, students must always give 100% trust as the Kru knows what is best. Even fighters with many titles to their names listen to their trainers. During the Rattanakosin Kingdom era (around 18th-early 20th century), Muay Thai was formally became a national sport where rules and regulations were introduced.

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