Courtney Bean was named VHA’s Vice President of Integrated Care & Partnerships in January 2020.  Courtney joined VHA in 2009 in the role of Director, Rehab Services and became Director, Client Services in 2011.  Courtney’s new role focuses on developing, implementing and overseeing initiatives to advance integrated care delivery systems and partnerships across Ontario in communities where VHA provides service

Courtney was trained as a physiotherapist at the University of Toronto where he is now an Adjunct Lecturer.  He completed an orthopaedic residency in California through the Ola Grimsby institute while working at Kaiser Permanente in Occupational Medicine and is currently completing his doctorate with the institute. In addition, Courtney is also in the process of completing an executive healthcare innovation fellowship (EXTRA) with the Canadian Foundation of Healthcare Innovation.

Courtney is on the Board of Directors of the Ontario Physiotherapy Association (OPA) and sits on the Home Care Advisory Committee with OPA and is also co-chair of the Alliance of Professional Association of Community Therapy Services (APACTS).

Courtney is a great dad of twin teenagers and an avid powerbuilder and at 5 am most mornings you will find him at the gym lifting far more weight than he should. This developed power serves him well in the heavy lifting required in his role at VHA!