Dementia Study Needs Volunteers!

March 27, 2015

Volunteers Needed For Research Study on Robots to Support Aging-in-Place
Who can participate?

We are looking for older adults and their caregivers to participate together in a research study. Older adults are eligible if they:

  • are 55 years old or older
  • have a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease (mild to moderate range) by a medical doctor
  • have a family member who provides care and who is willing to participate in the study

Caregivers are eligible if they:

  • are 19 years old or older
  • are a family member who provides care for the older adult
What will you need to do?
You will be asked to participate in one or two sessions. Each session will take about 3 hours. You will be asked questions about yourself and to test one or two robot helpers. Each session will involve conversing and completing an everyday task with one robot. You will then be asked to answer questions asking about your experience with the robot.
This study will take place at Toronto Rehab, 550 University Avenue, Toronto. Compensation for travel expenses will be provided to each participant. Taking part is voluntary.

Who to contact for more information?
Rosalie Wang at (416) 946-8566 or email:
Principal Investigator
Dr. Alex Mihailidis, Toronto Rehab and University of Toronto

Please note that the security of email messages is not guaranteed. Messages may be forged, forwarded, kept indefinitely, or seen by others using the internet. Do not use email to discuss information you think is sensitive. Do not use email in an emergency since email may be delayed.
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