Avoiding Slips and Falls in Winter Weather

  • Regularly remove snow from the driveway and walkways and deice with salt, kitty litter or other de-icer.


  • Make sure the sidewalk, driveway and steps are all well lit.


  • Install support railings that lead to the front door. If railings are already there, make sure they’re sturdy and secure.


  • Ensure that you own a good pair of boots with thick, non-slip rubber soles and that you have warm winter clothing. Being cold can make you hurry or tense up which can cause you to lose your balance.


  • Use a walking aid such as a cane or walker if needed.


  • Place a winter mat at the front door so wet boots can be taken off right away. This will prevent puddles that can cause indoor slips.


  • Carry safety items including a cell phone, whistle and personal identification if going for a walk.

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