London Free Press – VHA’s Volunteer Hoarding Support Program in London


Hoarders support program swamped in London

It was meant to help those overwhelmed by their own possessions.

But a program set up to deal with what’s been called a “critical” hoarding situation in London is already swamped.

Unable to attract enough volunteers — only two have signed up — the Volunteer Hoarding Support Program already has 12 people on its waiting list for help.

“Finding the clients who need the service is not a problem. Finding the volunteer is challenging,” said Cheryl Perrera of VHA Home Healthcare, which is administering the program as a branch of another service, Extreme Cleaning, that aims to help tenants living in squalor avoid eviction.

Unlike the cleaning service, which tries to reduce homelessness with quick cleanups of filthy rental units, the hoarding support program’s focus is on mental health and cleanups.

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