If you have signed up to join VHA’s troupe at Toronto’s Pride parade, here is everything you need to know for a HAPPY PRIDE:


We have great t-shirts available for everyone who signed up (for those who marched last year we have the same logo – but we now have black and white to choose from). If you can make it, please arrange to pick up your t-shirts (or have your VHA friend/family member pick them up) at 30 Soudan Avenue — 6th floor — Wed, Thurs, Friday anytime between 8:30 – 4:30.  If you can’t pick up your t-shirt in advance please plan come to our meeting spot before the parade to pick up t-shirts for yourself and your friends and family who are marching with us.

Sun, Sun, Sun

Be sure to plan for the weather. Sunscreen, hats, water !! Be sure to bring water with you to carry during the parade.


We will have some awesome giveaways for the crowd. If you have a wagon that you can bring along, please let us know at jliburd @ vha.ca and we will fill it up with giveaways. Please hand out giveaways along the parade route… safety first.. no throwing!!! It’s against parade rules.

Parade Length

The parade will take about 1 hour for marchers – and 4 hours for those watching it end to end. Important note: the parade doesn’t stop. Parade organizers will keep us moving, but have asked us to remind all marchers to march. No stopping unless the organizers stop us.

Meeting Place & Time

We will meet at the North East corner of Avenue Road and Bloor St. West (Courtyard between the Church & LV Store- see below on the East Side) from 2:00 -2:45 (for t-shirt pick-up). Once we are gathered at the meeting place we will walk to our designated spot at J 30 to arrive at 3:15 sharp (on Bloor, between Yonge St and Ted Rogers Way) to start the parade. We are marching in behind – Vita Community Living Services and we are in front of – LGBTQ Doctors and Allies.

Parking Suggestion