Safety at Home

Staying in a comfortable and familiar environment is important to everyone, and for people with dementia, it can also help to maintain a connection to the routines and memories that keep self-identity alive.

Making a home ‘dementia-friendly’ typically requires some modifications to the way the environment is set up. VHA’s Occupational Therapists can recommend carefully designed changes that reduce the chances of falls, fires, other mishaps, or even aggressive and distressing interactions from happening, particular as symptoms progress.

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Responsive Behaviours is a term which describes many common, and sometime distressing, behaviours that people living with dementia may do as a way to communicate a need. These include things like yelling, hitting, spitting, pinching, repetitive actions or speech, looking for doors/ wandering, etc. Finding the best ways to address the cause or redirect someone requires good strategy. Download VHA’s Responsive Behaviours Manual to find valuable tips on how best to help.